Knight & Hale EZ Grunter Deer Call


Knight & Hale EZ Grunter Deer Call

When it's hunting time and deer are at their most responsive, you'll want to have your high-quality Knight & Hale® deer call on hand and ready to use.

The deer grunt call challenges a big bucks' dominance, which gets him running over to assert himself. This call provides unmatched volume, variety, clarity, and realism.
  • Close range call that produces both buck and doe vocalizations
  • Ex-tend-A-Tone hose allows you to adjust tone and  volume
  • Suggested use: During the peak of the rut
  • Made in USA
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Back in 1972, who could've known that one of the leading and most innovative game call manufacturers in the business would result from two regular guys spending their nights and weekends in a basement workshop? Harold Knight and David Hale, then a barber and a farmer, sought to create game calls that more closely mimicked the sounds game made in the field. They ended up creating some of the most natural-sounding, enticing game calls in the world, helping hunters find greater success through these advancements in game calling.

Knight & Hale® invented new calling concepts along with their innovative calls by spending as much time in the woods as in the workshop. The phrases "shock gobbling," "hyperventilating," "double clucking" and "fighting purr" originated with Knight & Hale game calls. Each phrase describes a sound a turkey, goose or deer makes, and corresponds to a Knight & Hale game call that mimics it.

All told, Knight & Hale game calls have won countless world championships. They've built a solid reputation among avid hunters by making some of the finest and most realistic-sounding game calls in the industry.

Knight & Hale - Over 40 years of legendary game calls.
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Knight & Hale EZ Grunter Deer Call

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