Flextone Buck Rage Plus Deer Call


Flextone Buck Rage Plus Deer Call

Flextone’s® Buck Rage Plus™ holds every deer call you could ever need in a compact, deadly design. Specially crafted additions like a snort wheeze chamber and unique tone bulb give the Buck Rage Plus undeniable realism and versatility for an extra edge on traditional calls. Like all Flextone calls, patented Flex-It™ Technology allows callers to bend and twist the rubber body for natural inflection and volume control. Tone buttons for young buck, doe and fawn customize your calling even further so you can create the exact sound you need depending on your situation.

  • Tone bulb creates instant backpressure
  • Buttons for young buck, doe and fawn sounds
  • Easy-to-use snort wheeze chamber
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Animals produce sounds that flow through their soft tissue anatomy.

Generated vocalizations from the voice box travel and articulate through vocal cords, then ultimately stream upwards through the wind pipe and esophagus around the tongue and out the mouth into the air. Very quickly once you study vocalization and phonetics, you realize that the soft, flexible chambers in which sounds are evoked are extremely important for production of true natural sounds.

Flextone® calls embrace a soft flexible passage chamber for a truer, more natural sound - not a hollowly, echo-type sound that seems unnatural to the listener. Flextone Calls are strategically designed to mimic the anatomy of a real mammal or bird. Use Flextone to create more natural and authentic sounds and increase your response!

Flextone - Nature designed, Flextone engineered.
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Flextone Buck Rage Plus Deer Call

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