Browning ProSteel Axis Drawer


Browning ProSteel Axis Drawer

A safe is obviously capable of securing more than conventionally-shaped firearms - if you can fit them in. Jewelry, documents, cameras, coin collections, MSRs and other valuables - plus shooting gear - can easily fit inside a safe configured for the gear. But the trick is maximizing storage capacity to accommodate all your different items of varying size.
  • Sturdy drawer
  • Perfect for all sorts of smaller goods
  • Axis® accessories designed to easily mount to solid steel shelf or barrel rack
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: Approx.12.5" x 12.5" x 3.25"
* Compatible with Axis shelves in Browning® / ProSteel safes 2013 and newer.
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The historical tapestry of Browning® is rich, vibrant, and intertwined with other industry players such as Winchester®, Colt®, and Remington Arms®. From the first single-shot rifle made by John Browning in the 1880s, to the relatively new Cynergy® over/under shotgun introduced in 2004, Browning has continued the legacy started by one man. 

The Browning of today offers the outdoorsman a complete line of apparel, firearms, safes, knives, lights, and shooting accessories.
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Browning ProSteel Axis Drawer

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