Clearly Concealed Solid Pine Footstool

Clearly Concealed Solid Pine Footstool

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Securely conceal your self defense equipment in this hardwood footstool's hidden compartment.

Your valuables are protected by a magnetic locking system that keeps the stool's lid shut, and it can only be unlocked by a magnetic key. Your self defense equipment is secured in the bottom of the hidden compartment with magnetic anchors. If the stool is moved, it does not reveal that something is hiding inside.
  • Solid pine construction
  • Hidden compartment for self defense equipment or valuables
  • Magnetic locking system in lid; unlocked with magnetic key
  • Magnetic anchors stealthy secure contents inside
  • Dimensions: 13"H x 19"W x 11.25"D
  • Handmade in Maine
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Clearly Concealed® is a family-owned company located in Vassalboro, Maine. They make quality, decorative and functional furniture to help you conceal valuables and self defense equipment.

A veteran of the US Armed Forces, Clearly Concealed's owner supports our active duty military as well as our veterans. He is also a member and supporter of the NRA.
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Clearly Concealed Solid Pine Footstool

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Handgun or ammo or valuables
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