Benjamin Premium Break Barrel Sling


Benjamin Premium Break Barrel Sling

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This premium rifle sling is built specifically for break barrel rifles that have a forward sling loop. Hardware is included for fitting it to a rear sling post.

  • Designed for rifles with sling post in rear and loop in front
  • Thick padding backed by pebbled, non-slip rubber surface 
  • Handy thumb loop reduces fatigue
  • Embroidered Benjamin® logo 
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The memorable stories told around the campfire during hunt camp include a mix of adventure, high stakes, and critical shots. That's the Benjamin® story.

Benjamin - It's airguns for serious hunters; hunters who prefer the rush of close pursuit;  trophy boars at fifty yards; predators at eighty; small game at the top of the tallest hardwood.

No matter where you pursue your hunting passion, Benjamin has an airgun that's up to the job. The only thing left is the storytelling.
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Benjamin Premium Break Barrel Sling

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$24.99 $14.99