Rainer LeadSafe 45 Cal. 230 Grain .451” TCJ RN Handgun Bullet (500)


Rainer LeadSafe 45 Cal. 230 Grain .451” TCJ RN Handgun Bullet (500)

Each Rainer® bullet begins as a lead core that is swaged, not cast. They use only virgin and secondary lead alloys made to their strict specifications. This attention to quality enhances uniformity, accuracy and terminal performance.

The swaged core then receives Rainier’s LeadSafe™ full copper plating over the entire bullet. They restrike the complete bullet after plating to verify precise dimensional tolerances. They've found that restriking is critical to providing greater uniformity and accuracy.

The bottom line - a great bullet that you can trust, shot after shot. That's the essence of Rainier Peak Performance™.
  • 500 bullets
  • Lead core
  • Full copper plating gives no exposed lead surfaces
  • No jacket separation upon impact for better penetration and terminal performance
  • Plated bullets give longer barrel life and cleaner bore compared to jacketed bullets
  • Hollow base design provides better seal against gas blow-by for cleaner, more accurate shooting
  • Caliber: 45 cal.
  • Bullet weight: 230 grains
  • Made in USA
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Rainier Ballistics®, established in 1983, has grown to become one of the largest plated bullet producers in the world. The rapidly growing popularity of their bullets is due principally to three factors: their relatively low price, they result in essentially zero lead vapor emissions when shot, and their high degree of accuracy.

All Rainier Ballistics manufacturing is done in house and they believe this contributes to the high degree of quality of their bullets. They're dedicated solely to the manufacture of copper-plated bullets. Rainier Ballistics extrudes its own lead wire, swages its own bullet cores, does all of its own electroplating and now Restrikes, or re-swages, its bullet cores after they have been electroplated. Only Rainier Ballistics and CCI Speer® perform this second swaging step to their entire line of electroplated bullets. The result is a highly accurate, uniform and attractive bullet.
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Rainer LeadSafe 45 Cal. 230 Grain .451” TCJ RN Handgun Bullet (500)

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Round Nose
230 grains
0.451" Target Round Nose $89.99