Barnes TSX 30 Cal. 150 Grain .308” BT Rifle Bullet (50)


Barnes TSX 30 Cal. 150 Grain .308” BT Rifle Bullet (50)

The TSX® was introduced in 2003 and has become Barnes’® most popular hunting bullet.

The TSX offers the deadly effectiveness of the time-proven X Bullet and features the Accu-Groove system - grooved rings cut into the bullet shank. These rings act as relief valves as the bullet travels down the bore. Instead of metal flowing from the front of the base of the bullet, the copper material flows into the grooves. This results in less barrel fouling. The rings also alter barrel harmonics, greatly improving accuracy.
  • Box of 50
  • TSX - Triple Shock X
  • All-copper construction
  • No fragmentation
  • Rapid expansion
  • 28% deeper penetration than lead-core bullets
  • Maximum weight retention
  • Lead-free
  • Caliber: 30 cal.
  • Length: 1.237"
  • Sectional density: .226
  • Ballistic coefficient: .369
  • Bullet weight: 150 grains
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The owners of Barnes Bullets® since 1974, Randy and Coni Brooks work tirelessly to promote the hunting and shooting sports. They're similarly dedicated to preserving wildlife and conserving animal habitat.

In their continuing search for optimum bullet design and performance, Randy and Coni have hunted both large and small game throughout the world. The all-copper X-Bullet®, and the recently introduced Triple-Shock™ X-Bullet Randy developed, have set performance standards conventional lead-core bullets simply can't match.

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Barnes TSX 30 Cal. 150 Grain .308” BT Rifle Bullet (50)

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Boat Tail
150 grains
0.308" Hunting Boat Tail $38.99