NiteSite Scope-Mounted 2Ah Battery


NiteSite Scope-Mounted 2Ah Battery

$64.99 $29.99

This scope mounted battery can mount to your scope to provide total freedom of movement.

  • Genuine NiteSite® accessory
  • Suitable for NiteSite IRNV products
  • Lightweight lithium polymer
  • Color: Black

For use with:

  • NiteSite Viper, Wolf and Eagle
  • NiteSite Wolf Power+
  • NiteSite Viper RTEK, Wolf RTEK and Eagle RTEK
  • NiteSite Spotter XV, XW and XE
  • NiteSite Spotter XV RTEK, XW RTEK and XE RTEK
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Welcome to the home of innovative affordable night vision systems.

NiteSite® designs and manufactures night vision products for hunting, security and zero light observation. They utilize infrared in a unique way to make their products more affordable, reliable and user-friendly than traditional light amplification technologies. The products deliver crisp, ultra-clear night vision, regardless of ambient light conditions. The true beauty of a NiteSite is that it converts your day scope (there’s no need to remove it) into a powerful night vision system that is quick and simple to set up.

If you want to hunt at night - it’s got to be a NiteSite!
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NiteSite Scope-Mounted 2Ah Battery

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$64.99 $29.99