SteriPEN Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifying Pen


SteriPEN Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifying Pen

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The smallest, lightest SteriPEN®, the Adventurer Opti, uses a revolutionary optical eye to sense the water. The patent-pending technology ensures safe use and provides purification in even the coldest of waters.

  • Powerful germicidal UV light destroys waterborne bateria, viruses, and protozoa
  • Long-lasting UV lamp provides 8,000 water treatments
  • Optical sensor doubles as a convenient LED flashlight
  • Great backup light when camping or taking a night-time walk to refill your water bottle
  • Activate flashlight mode by pressing and holding  button for three seconds
  • Clear lamp cover focuses the LED light
  • Works with containers with minimum 1.75" diameter opening, such as Nalgene® wide-mouth bottles
  • Two CR123 batteries and a neoprene case with belt loop included
  • Dimensions: 6.1" x 1.5" x 1"
  • Weight: 3.6 oz. (103g.)
  • Learn about Proposition 65
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SteriPEN® is the only portable water purifier that uses ultraviolet (UV) light to destroy waterborne microbes.

Whether your source is a woodland brook or an overseas hotel tap, SteriPEN purifies clear water by destroying viruses, bacteria, and protozoa - including Giardia and Cryptosporidium - in seconds.

Carry a SteriPEN to disinfect water wherever you travel, hike, camp, or trek. It's the fastest route to pure, safe drinking water anywhere.
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SteriPEN Adventurer Opti UV Water Purifying Pen

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$109.99 $49.99