Sabre Patriotic Design C.O.P.S. Pepper Gel w/ Clip


Sabre Patriotic Design C.O.P.S. Pepper Gel w/ Clip

The Sabre® Red Pepper Gel pocket unit with clip provides an easy way to have an effective form of self-defense always at your side. Its clip makes it handy to carry on a belt, where it will be ready for action should you need it. It's small enough to serve as a Sabre pocket unit if you prefer.

The locking safety on the top guards against accidental discharge. Because gel doesn't atomize like traditional pepper sprays, wind blowback is practically eliminated. This gel has a range of 12 feet, providing you extra distance and safety.

  • Supports Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.)
  • Sabre Red formula - Maximum strength pepper spray gel
  • #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide
  • Powerful stream delivery to reduce wind blowback
  • Projects impressive 12 feet
  • Contains approximately 35 bursts
  • Locking top safety helps prevent accidental discharge
  • Pocket clip 
  • Made in USA
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Security Equipment Corporation is the family owned and operated USA manufacturer of Sabre® pepper spray and Sabre safety products. For over 35 years, their mission has been to provide the safest and most effective personal safety sprays. The company's strong growth, success, and worldwide distribution to both consumers and law enforcement agencies is a direct result of their ability to continually produce the industry's most innovative and highest quality products.

Sabre - Making Grown Men Cry Since 1975!™
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Sabre Patriotic Design C.O.P.S. Pepper Gel w/ Clip

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Chemical composition:
Oleoresin capsicum (red pepper)
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Effective range:
Up to 12'
Oleoresin capsicum (red pepper) Spray Up to 12' $6.99