Havalon Piranta Blade Remover - 4 Pk.


Havalon Piranta Blade Remover - 4 Pk.

The Blade Remover has made changing the blade on your Havalon® Piranta™ easier than ever before.

  • Four blade removers
  • Simple lightweight tool that will remove any Piranta blade
  • Remover snaps around blade; blade easily pulls off
  • Eliminates need to touch blade 

* Only to be used with Piranta-style blades

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Havalon® Knives originated in 2005 as a division of Havel's Incorporated. Since 1981, Havel's has provided some of the longest-lasting surgical blades available for a variety of uses in medicine, taxidermy, industry, sign making, graphics and crafting.

Havalon Knives is dedicated to the tradition of continuous quality improvement in blades and knives for professional hunters, guides and taxidermists as well as individuals who value the highest quality in their sporting knives.

Havalon Knives - the leading edge of sharpness
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Havalon Piranta Blade Remover - 4 Pk.

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