D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1400 Remote Dog Trainer


D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1400 Remote Dog Trainer

The revolutionary R.A.P.T.® 1400 features a curved transmitter design with a strap for multiple grip positions. This system can expand to a two-dog or three-dog system.  Its small, lightweight collar unit fits in the palm of your hand and is waterproof, rechargeable, and fits small to large dogs. The transmitter floats on water.
  • Patented, revolutionary curved transmitter design and function with three grip positions
  • Knuckle Grip - On back of hand to free up both hands and have a quick, no look button
  • Palm Grip - In palm of hand holding like a stopwatch
  • Pistol Grip - More traditional hold with thumb operating most buttons and trigger finger on top Rapid Access button
  • Adjustable R.A.P.T. strap on transmitter offers secure and comfortable fit
  • Rapid Access button provides quick corrections
  • Rapid Access button programmable to be Nick, Continuous, or Vibration Assist™
  • Expandable to two-dog or three-dog system with R.A.P.T. Add-On collars
  • Nick, Continuous, Vibration Assist, and jump stimulations
  • 16 intensity levels of Nick and Continuous stimulations adjusted from the transmitter
  • MAXX-Range 360™ internal collar antenna system
  • Extra mild Gentle Touch™ Stimulation System
  • Transmitter Lockout™ feature prevents accidental stimulation
  • Lightweight, compact collar design
  • Built in magnetic on / off system
  • Rechargeable (NiMH batteries) and completely waterproof collar
  • Waterproof floating transmitters uses 9V battery, sold separately
  • Fits small to large dogs
  • Range: 1,400 yards
  • Color: Black
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D.T Systems® ground breaking innovations and new cutting edge technology has led the industry by introducing digital microcomputer technology, as well as intensity levels adjustable from the transmitter.

Using vibration as an alternative simulation option for training dogs, has taken the industry by storm. Offering a positive no-shock alternative is the perfect choice for dog owners who are not comfortable with using other types of electronic stimulation.

The goal at D.T Systems is to help you create lifelong memories with your best friend.
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D.T. Systems R.A.P.T. 1400 Remote Dog Trainer

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