Avian-X Topflight Wood Duck Decoys - 6 Pack


Avian-X Topflight Wood Duck Decoys - 6 Pack

Many hours of research, photography and carving went into capturing the true beauty and grace of wood ducks in Avian-X's® Topflight wood duck decoys. Lifelike postures give these birds the personality exhibited by resting woodies on the backwaters. The advanced rubberized molding material and non-chip paint add durability so the six-pack flock can hunt with you for many successful seasons. Each decoy is slightly oversized, measuring 12.5 inches from breast to tail.

  • Perfect replication of mature wood ducks
  • Weight-forward swim keel for realistic movement
  • 3 true-to-life postures
  • Unmatched coloration and detail
  • Rugged durability
  • No-flake paint for lasting finish

6 pack of decoys includes:

  • Low-Head Drakes (2)
  • Low-Head Hens (2)
  • High-Head Drakes (2)
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Avian-X Topflight Wood Duck Decoys - 6 Pack

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