MOJO Outdoors Super Critter Decoy


MOJO Outdoors Super Critter Decoy

The Super Critter™ is truly a case of the best getting better.

The MOJO Outdoors™ Critter proved to be the most effective and the most popular predator decoy ever. It revolutionized the use of decoys in predator hunting.

Now MOJO introduces the Super Critter using the same tantalizing motion, but in a more advanced decoy.
  • Super tough ABS housing
  • Magnetically connected Critter topper
  • Realistic removable fur cover
  • Built-in disappearing tri-pod legs
  • MOJO Peg with 1/4" camera thread gives multiple mounting options
  • MOJO Cottontail sound
  • Three-way switch allows motion only or motion plus sound
  • Allows on / off control from most remote callers that have 3.5mm auxiliary port (requires common 3.5mm double male chord available as accessory)
  • Convenient wireless removable battery holder stores in recess with easily removable cover
  • Operates up to 20 hours on four AA batteries, sold separately
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MOJO Outdoors™ began life in the state of Louisiana with the invention and development, by real hunters, of the MOJO Mallard® Spinning Wing Duck Decoy. The Mallard went on to become a phenomena in the world of duck hunting. With its realistic body, its large and practically unstoppable direct drive motor, highly reflective aluminum wings and rugged, dependable operation, it quickly took the market. The name MOJO became synonymous with quality and success. Expanding on this phenomenal product, they became MOJO Decoys® with a complete line of motion decoys. With the expansion, they became one of the top names in motion decoys.

MOJO products were so well accepted that they soon became more than decoys and renamed themselves - MOJO Outdoors. Today, the folks at MOJO Outdoors continue to expand their product line to bring outdoorsmen and women a broad line of quality products to make you more successful and comfortable in the great outdoors.
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MOJO Outdoors Super Critter Decoy

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