Hunting Ducks and Geese 2nd Edition by Steve Smith


Hunting Ducks and Geese 2nd Edition by Steve Smith

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Foreword by Chuck Petrie
This engaging guide covers the entire how-to's of hunting waterfowl: preseason scouting, how and where to place a blind and use of decoys and calls. Also identifies and corrects common mistakes made when placing and setting up blinds and decoys, timing the hunt, and waiting for waterfowl. It includes advanced techniques like river hunting, flooded timber shooting, and prairie shooting.

As managed areas become a fact of life for waterfowlers, Smith's advice on how to work within these systems is increasingly useful, as is his emphasis on the importance of hunting with dogs to maximize success ratios and minimize the likelihood of cripples.
Steve Smith is the editor of The Pointing Dog Journal and The Retriever Journal. He has written numerous books, including Hunting Upland Birds (ISBN: 0811708713) and Picking Your Shots (ISBN: 0811712419). 

  • Paperback
  • 6" x 9"
  • 160 pages
  • 44 black & white photos

ISBN: 0811728889
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Hunting Ducks and Geese 2nd Edition by Steve Smith

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$14.95 $6.99