Hodgdon 2011 Annual Manual


Hodgdon 2011 Annual Manual

The first 70 pages of the 2011 Annual Manual feature articles on shooting, hunting, and reloading by some of the premier outdoor writers in America, along with descriptive charts and essays about Hodgdon, IMR and Winchester powders. The other 100 pages are made up of data for the most popular rifle and pistol cartridges of today, and feature complete data for two new Hodgdon powders, LEVERevolution and Superformance, a pair of new technology, high speed propellants, currently used in Hornady's Superformance ammunition.

In addition, complete data for two new cartridges, the 30 AR Remington and the 338 Marlin Express, appear in this issue. An added bonus is the updated data for 31 of the cartridges listed in this manual, updated just since 2010.
  • Paperback
  • 170 pages

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Established in 1947 by Bruce and Amy Hodgdon, today, sons Bob and JB have grown Hodgdon Powder Company® into the largest US supplier of smokeless, blackpowder and blackpowder substitute propellants.
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Hodgdon 2011 Annual Manual

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