RMC B.I.D. Kit


RMC B.I.D. Kit

The B.I.D. Kit's new design allows you to use just one simple adapter for discharging and unloading of your flintlock, percussion sidehammer, and break-action in-line muzzleloaders. It works on flint, #11 or musket nipples, and 209 shotgun primer muzzleloaders. For added safety use between shots to clear barrel and remove any residual sparks or embers prior to reloading.

The new design also makes the B.I.D. useful as a blowoff cleaning device. By discharging a blast of air, easily remove dirt from tight spots like your computer keyboard, electronic devices, printed circuit boards, enclosed areas, the trigger mechanisms of firearms, etc.

The B.I.D. also can be used as an inflator for almost anything that needs blown up, ATV tires, bike tires, inflatable toys, and much more.

B.I.D. Kit contains:
  • CO2 dispensers
  • Discharge nozzle with two tips - one for discharging and inflating
  • Smaller blowoff nozzle
  • Three 16g. CO2 cartridges
  • Convenient carry pouch
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Rydon Corporation manufactures RMC Muzzleloading® and Ox-Yoke Originals® gun cleaning, gun care, and shooting products. They've been in business for over 20 years producing quality muzzleloading and blackpowder accessories, supplies, cleaning, and shooting products.  

RMC Muzzloading - Proudly made in the USA.
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RMC B.I.D. Kit

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