Lightfield Alpha Gold 50 Cal. 300 Grain Spitzer BT Saboted Bullet (14)


Lightfield Alpha Gold 50 Cal. 300 Grain Spitzer BT Saboted Bullet (14)

The Lightfield® Alpha Gold™ 300 is a 50 caliber, 300 grain, 99% pure lead saboted spitzer boattail muzzeloading bullet designed with a serrated hollow point for maximum controlled expansion.

Alpha Gold’s sabot provides the proper and critically important gas seal in both regular and quick loading muzzle crowns. The sabot fully engages in the rifling with the 99% pure lead expanding to lock with the sabot to form a single projectile in the barrel. Like other Lightfield’s sabot slugs, the Alpha Gold sabot and bullet spin together as a single unit, a spin rate that is as consistent bullet to bullet as your rifling. The result is accuracy - one Alpha Gold after another.
  • Pack of 14
  • For black powder muzzle loading rifle use
  • Creates gas seal in regular and quick loading muzzle crowns
  • Easy to load
  • Retains high velocity for flatter trajectory and down range energy
  • Great stopping power
  • North American Hunting Club field test approval rating of 97%
  • Ramrod adaptor included
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In the late 1970’s the Lightfield® Ammunition Corporation perfected the saboted slug while designing munitions for the U.S. Marine Corps. In the late 1980′s, the patented technologies that went into creating the Lightfield Alpha rounds for the military were applied to a pure lead slug for the civilian hunting market. By the time the Hybred design was released in 1992 it contained eight out of the ten basic characteristics of flight which to that point had never been done with a hunting slug. Through this process Lightfield Ammunition invented a hunting slug that is consistently accurate to 150 yards and beyond, will retain 100% energy within the intended target, and will take down any North American big game.

Lightfield Ammunition is the only munitions manufacturer that can offer SameSite™ Accuracy. It  turns your slug gun into a multi-purpose multi-functional hunting tool and gives you the confidence needed to head into the unknown of each hunt successfully.
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Lightfield Alpha Gold 50 Cal. 300 Grain Spitzer BT Saboted Bullet (14)

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Spitzer boattail w/ serrated hollow point
300 grains
Spitzer boattail w/ serrated hollow point 300 grains $13.99