Excalibur Illuminated FireBolt Arrow - 3 Pk.


Excalibur Illuminated FireBolt Arrow - 3 Pk.

Excalibur’s® Illuminated FireBolt™ Carbon Arrows are designed specifically for your Excalibur crossbow to deliver the best possible accuracy while using both fixed and mechanical broadheads.

The Lumenok™  is activated by the accelerative force placed on it when shot from a crossbow. The lighted insert aids the shooter by providing an illuminated path to the target and will assist in arrow location.
  • Package of three
  • Professionally installed Burt Coyote® (.3015 diameter EXCF) Lumenok
  • 4" assorted color vanes
  • Length: 20"
  • Made in USA
* Vane color varies - we will choose for you at time of purchase.
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At Excalibur®, they aren't a big business cashing in on crossbow hunting. They're crossbow hunters who build crossbows. Their first priority is to make the most efficient, reliable, and accurate hunting crossbow that money can buy. Their ideas don't come from engineers. They come from experience and nothing leaves the drawing board without being subject to extensive testing by the toughest, most uncompromising product evaluators in the deer woods - the folks at Excalibur.

With Excalibur, accuracy is more than just a word, it's a guarantee! They guarantee that each and every bow they produce is capable of shooting groups of 3" or less at 25 yards using broadheads.

How can they deliver this kind of performance? Simply by sticking to the basics. Their lightening fast recurve limbs turn out more speed than compound systems with a fraction of their weight, noise, or mechanical failures. The trigger mechanism has a pull that would make your rifle jealous, and their composite and aluminium stock is virtually indestructible. Tie these all together and you've got a crossbow that can weather all the abuse you can hand out, and still deliver the speed, accuracy and reliability that you need for a lifetime of service.

Excalibur Crossbow - Recurve... Simply Perfect.
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Excalibur Illuminated FireBolt Arrow - 3 Pk.

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