Carbon Express The Nub Crossbow Arrow Release Tip


Carbon Express The Nub Crossbow Arrow Release Tip

If space in your crossbow quiver is at a premium, consider a release tip vs. a specialized release bolt for de-cocking your bow at the end of the hunt. “The Nub” Crossbow Arrow Release Tip is small, portable, and will attach to most standard crossbow bolts.
  • Small & Portable “The Nub” is small and ultra portable for convenient transport and use in the field, a space-saving alternative to carrying a specialized bolt for crossbow de-cocking
  • Tough & Long-Lasting Durable machined-aluminum design can withstand frequent firings and prevent deep penetration into the ground
  • Multifunctional Inserts into standard crossbow bolts to create a safe and effective way to de-cock a crossbow
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Shoot better with Carbon Express®.

Whether you're a seasoned pro who only buys top-of-the line equipment or you're just picking up a bow for the first time, to get the advantage in the field you need great arrows, broadheads, and accessories. This is why so many hunters insist on Carbon Express.

In competitive field and target archery, the difference between the thrill of victory and crushing defeat can be measured in millimeters. So in this arena, precision is always the champion. Which is why more and more of the world’s top archers are shooting Carbon Express arrows. It's the only brand that laser sorts each of its arrow sets to ensure each shaft is an exact matched set.
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Carbon Express The Nub Crossbow Arrow Release Tip

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