American Broadhead Turkey Terror 3-Blade Broadhead - 3 Pk.


American Broadhead Turkey Terror 3-Blade Broadhead - 3 Pk.

For diehard bowhunting enthusiasts, there are few greater thrills than harvesting a trophy tom. That’s why industry leader American Broadhead Company® has introduced the latest in its renowned product line — the American Broadhead Turkey Terror 100 Grain broadheads for turkey hunters.

This innovative broadhead features the company’s signature replaceable three-blade design, providing a 1-3/16” cutting diameter and unstoppable turkey “tearing” properties. The challenge in bowhunting turkeys often lies in connecting with the bird’s relatively small vital area approximately the size of a softball — on an animal that’s not known for its calm demeanor. American Broadhead’s Turkey Terror 100 Grains’ accurate flight and massive cutting diameters, while preventing a pass through, and will ensure that you won’t go home from the woods empty handed.

American Broadhead uses 0.036” thick, 420SS “DenseMax” treated blades that are 50 percent tougher than ordinary stainless steel. These specialized blades are designed to silently deliver 100 percent of your bow’s kinetic energy, providing maximum shock right into your bird. Plus, the company’s patented “Zero Plane Technology” uses the arrow’s impact energy to force the three perfectly balanced blades together. This unique design also prevents arrow pass through, to help eliminate turkeys from turning into the “one that got away.” Each of the American Broadhead Turkey Terror 100 Grain’s three blades can be individually replaced.

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In 2002, the folks at the American Broadhead® set out to create the best fixed blade broadhead on the market, while still providing customers with a great value. They achieved that with the sonic head - the world's only three-bladed, "Cut on Impact" broadhead with individually replaceable blades.

The philosophy at ABC is that broadheads are ammunition for your harvesting game. Thus, they've designed their broadheads to be some of the most accurate and deepest penetrating on the market.
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American Broadhead Turkey Terror 3-Blade Broadhead - 3 Pk.

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