Seal 1 BOW Pro All-In-One Paste


Seal 1 BOW Pro All-In-One Paste

BOW Pro™ in paste form allows you to apply a generous application to rails, strings, cams and axles.
  • All natural, green engineered CLP
  • Rail lube
  • String wax
  • Extend shot life
  • Increases speed of bolts and arrows
  • Improves accuracy
  • Protects and lubricates strings
  • Extend string life
  • Repels water
  • Protects against rust and corrosion
  • Provides archery and cross bow care, maintenance and protection
  • Size: 1 oz.
  • Made in USA
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Seal 1™ LLC's managing director, Dwight Settle, served 20 years as a Navy SEAL working in the most extreme environments. As the M-60 gunner in his platoon, the only way to truly clean the weapon was using dry cleaning solvent. This became no longer available due to how toxic it was to the user and the environment. For the M-60, and any of the weapons the SEALS carried to perform properly, there needed to be a liberal amount of lube on the rails. This created a situation where they had to be very cognizant of how they carried their weapons. It was critical that great care was taken in protecting their weapons from dirt and sand; otherwise the weapons could jam and become useless.

The Seal 1, LLC team came together  to bring a high end  green engineered gun cleaning and gun care line to the military, law enforcement, and shooting industry that would all but alleviate corrosion and jams in weapons and make cleaning more effective and much quicker.

The team's diverse talents and decades of experience in special operations, military, law enforcement and the shooting industry provide a base for continued state of the art product development for years to come.

Seal 1 - Proudly made in the USA.
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Seal 1 BOW Pro All-In-One Paste

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