Ripcord Code Red Fall-Away Arrow Rest


Ripcord Code Red Fall-Away Arrow Rest

$104.99 $79.99
Ripcord® Code Red® is the #1 fall-away rest for good reason! It gives you the advantages of both fall-away design and arrow containment.

The Ripcord Code Red falls away fast! This means maximum forgiveness. When your bowhunting opportunity finally, arrives it might be after spending all day in a stand without moving. Your form and the shot could very well be less than perfect. This is where you need the forgiveness of a Ripcord Code Red.

Unlike many other fall-away rests, Ripcord falls fast, soon after release. The principle is simple and works incredibly well: since your arrow loses contact with the rest early, your arrow is minimally affected should you happen to torque your bow, or not follow through.
  • 2011 Inside Archery's Best Buy Winner
  • Arrow containment system     
  • DropDead® brake system     
  • Lightning fast fall away
  • FlexFit Launch Pad     
  • Slimline launcher     
  • Red Over-molding     
  • Shooting flexibility    
  • Extremely quiet operation     
  • Large windage adjustment    
  • Three position arm     
  • Unique offset cord     
  • Easy installation
  • Right-handed
  • Color: Camo
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Ripcord’s exclusive Arrow Containment System™ stops your arrow from ever falling off the rest. The launcher locks in the up position and cradles your arrow on three sides while the containment arm eliminates your arrow from escaping from the top. So, even if you bump your arrow or get a bad case of buck fever, your arrow will never come off the rest!
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Ripcord Code Red Fall-Away Arrow Rest

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$104.99 $79.99