Brenneke USA Magnum 410 GA 3 1/4 oz. Slug Ammo (5)

Brenneke USA Magnum 410 GA 3" 1/4 oz. Slug Ammo (5)

The Magnum 410 is the perfect cartridge when hunting varmints and small game. It has a flat trajectory and an excellent function with all semi-automatic shotguns. Of course, it also offers perfect accuracy.
  • Box of 5
  • Flat trajectory
  • Excellent penetration
  • Range: Up to 35 yards
  • Optimum range for sighting in: 88 yards
  • Barrel: Smooth and rifled
  • Chokes: All
  • Muzzle velocity: 1755 fps
  • Shot weight: 1/4 oz.
  • Suggested use: Coyote
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Since their beginning in 1895, Brenneke® has been a technical leader in the development of hunting bullets and slugs. Many years ago, they set the wheels in motion for developing modern, powerful, hunting projectiles and continue to develop them today. 

In the past, Brenneke was purely a manufacturer of hunting projectiles - slugs and bullets. They sold their products throughout the world to renowned ammunition manufacturers, who loaded them into their own products. So that they could better cater to the demands of the hunter, they decided some years ago to manufacture fully loaded ammunition themselves. Therefore, in shops around the world, you will find products of various manufacturers containing their bullets and slugs, as well as their own Original Brenneke loaded cartridges.  

Brenneke continues to be owned by the company founder's family and is the only renowned cartridge, slug, and bullet manufacturer that is still German-owned and headquartered in Germany.
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Brenneke USA Magnum 410 GA 3" 1/4 oz. Slug Ammo (5)

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410 gauge
Muzzle energy:
781 ft. lbs.
Muzzle velocity:
1755 fps
Projectile weight:
1/4 oz.
410 gauge 3" 781 ft. lbs. $7.99
ATTENTION: This item has a purchase limit of 5.