Black Ops 1911 Tactical Combat Airsoft Kit


Black Ops 1911 Tactical Combat Airsoft Kit

A complete and affordable airsoft kit, the 1911 Tactical Combat Kit from Black Ops® includes everything you need for some target shooting fun! Each spring airsoft pistol is a replica of the 45 caliber classic with realistic size, 12-round magazine and slide cocking action.

Your airsoft BBs will stick to the target before dropping into the tray below, so that you can practice all you want without making a mess.
  • Two plastic spring powered 1911 airsoft pistols with 12-round drop free magazine
  • Two 400 round easy-pour containers of 6mm .12g airsoft BBs
  • Reusable gel target with collection tray
  • No BB ricochet or bounce back
  • No batteries or CO2 needed
  • Velocity: 340 fps
* Intended for ages 18+. Not a toy.
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Black Ops® is a USA-based premier airsoft and airgun research, design and manufacturing company. They're known for their high quality, high value weapons across the mid-to-upper price range. The company creates battle-ready weapons for shooters of all skill levels, from neighborhood brawls to national Mil-Sim mayhem; camping and small game hunting to backyard plinking.

More than that, they're lovers of all things airsoft and airgun. The folks at Black Ops stalk, track, hunt, battle, win, and love every minute of it. That’s why they do what they do. The guns they build are ones they want to use, know they can trust - and don’t bust the bank.
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Black Ops 1911 Tactical Combat Airsoft Kit

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