Beeman Kodiak 22 Cal. RN Airgun Pellet (200)

Beeman Kodiak 22 Cal. RN Airgun Pellet (200)

A favorite for field target shooters and one of the world's heaviest pellets, the Kodiak® has a tremendous amount of inertia that delivers super impact on those hard-to-knock-down targets.

The weight provides good wind-resistance and is more efficient in the higher-powered airguns and the pre-charged pneumatics such as the Beeman® Mako® air rifle.
  • Tin of 200
  • Extra-heavy airgun pellet
  • Provides great aerodynamics
  • Round nose

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Airgun ammunition is very unique, and the lead pellets used today have evolved into very specialized projectiles. Perhaps the most critical component in the shooting equation are the pellets themselves - much more so than the airgun and equally as important as the shooter.

If you shoot poor or low grade pellets in a good quality airgun the results will be awful - they will downgrade the performance of the gun. Conversely, a good grade of pellets in a mediocre gun will enhance the performance of the airgun, at least to a certain degree. It is very important to shoot only the highest grade of ammunition, and that is why Beeman® only offers the very best products from the finest pellet manufacturers in the world.

Beeman's considerable experience with ammunition allows them to work closely with the factories and to even design their own pellet lines from scratch. All the Beeman pellets are subjected to rigorous testing and quality control to ensure those that get placed in the barrel of your airgun are only of the highest standards.

Beeman - leading the way.
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Beeman Kodiak 22 Cal. RN Airgun Pellet (200)

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22 cal.
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21.1 grains
Round nose
22 cal. Lead 21.1 grains $8.49