Hatsan Mod 25 Super Tact 177 Cal. Air Pistol


Hatsan Mod 25 Super Tact 177 Cal. Air Pistol

The Mod 25 Super Tact features a Quattro® gold-plated, advanced two-stage match trigger. It has three-point adjustment to control trigger load, first and second stages of firing cycle, and length of trigger travel while maintaining full sear engagement.
  • Single-shot break barrel action for straightforward cocking and loading
  • Precision-rifled steel barrel
  • Tactical telescopic stock with advanced polymer grip
  • Quattro Trigger
  • Automatic return of trigger to full engagement if finger pressure is released after engaging in first stage of firing cycle
  • Drop safety interlock device to eliminate accidental firing if airgun is dropped
  • Truglo® fiber optics micro adjustable rear sight
  • Open front sight with Truglo fiber optics
  • Color: Black
  • Rear sight: 0.035" Green
  • Front sight: 0.060" Red
  • Velocity: 700 fps
  • Extended length: 29.9"
  • Shortened length: 26"
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.
  • Suggested use: Target / plinking
* This is not a toy. Adult supervision required.
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It all started in 1976 with one young man hoping to replicate an air dart gun in his parents' garage. Since that time, Hatsan® has become one of the world's most recognized brands in the shooting sports, airgun and firearm industry - delivering its products to more than 90 countries.

This family owned and operated manufacturer maintains a hands-on approach - producing all designs and components in-house to ensure that each product deserves to bear the Hatsan name. In fact, the original founder is still very involved in new product development and design.

Hatsan - Serious. Solid. Impact.
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Hatsan Mod 25 Super Tact 177 Cal. Air Pistol

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Barrel length:
177 cal.
Overall length:
29.5" extended; 26" shortened
Sights / Scope / Mounts:
TRUGLO front & rear sights
700 fps (lead)
5.5 lbs.
11.2" 177 cal. 29.5" extended; 26" shortened $139.99