Outset Media Jigsaw Puzzle - Candy Counter


Outset Media Jigsaw Puzzle - Candy Counter

The Candy Counter is full of delicious and colorful sweet treats! A fun Family Pieces 350 puzzle for the whole family to enjoy. The Family Pieces 350 Puzzles are Outset Media's® latest and greatest offering for families who are looking to spend quality time together.

Family Pieces 350 Puzzles include small, medium and large size pieces, however the distribution of pieces leans more to having large and medium size pieces. This allows for younger or less skilled puzzlers to contribute more equally to the assembling of the puzzle, while leaving fewer smaller pieces for the adults or more skilled puzzler. This means more puzzle and bigger pieces for all ages to enjoy!

  • Family Pieces 350
  • Finished size: 26.625" x 19.25"
  • Made in the USA
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Whether it is spending time with your family, an evening out with friends, or time in the classroom - playing board games is an excellent way to have fun together! In an era where people are spending more time “socializing” with a computer screen, REAL social interaction is becoming more important.

Founded by its president David Manga in 1996, Outset Media® has been committed to developing games that create truly memorable social experiences. They manufacture games and puzzles that are built to last, with high quality construction and materials. The Outset Media Team spends many thoughtful hours developing games with engaging content, so you will want to play them over-and-over again. That is their commitment to you!

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Outset Media Jigsaw Puzzle - Candy Counter

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