Buoy Sports Little Blaster Replacement Balls, 2 Pack


Buoy Sports Little Blaster Replacement Balls, 2 Pack

Playing Buoy Bat™ Ball is clearly more fun with extra balls around because it means more hitting and less chasing!
  • 2 pack
  • Foam inside, polyurethane outside
  • 3.54" in diameter
  • Face-friendly so they don't cause injury if they hit you
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Buoy Bill grew up in Hanover, New Hamphire but spent extensive time in Ogunquit, Maine with his grandparents who were summer residents of the seaside village. While in college, Bill lived in the shed at their home. It was his time on the coast of Maine that led to an affinity with the state and lobster buoys.  Buoy Bill earned a degree in Recreation Management from The University of New Hampshire and spent his first 10 years out of college as an ice arena manager at multiple seacoast NH venues. After another 11 years as Quality Assurance Manager at Sheds USA, a backyard product company, he decided it was time to take the leap into entrepreneurship.  

Since a young age, Buoy Bill has been a creative thinker and tinkerer with a knack for fixing, creating, and making fun, cool things from ordinary stuff.  His company, Buoy Sports LLC® was created on the idea that making a ball bat from a real lobster buoy might lead to a lot of fun for Bill - and many others. After two attempts at starting other businesses didn't work out, Bill has found success with Buoy Sports LLC.  

Buoy Sports - Made in Maine.
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Buoy Sports Little Blaster Replacement Balls, 2 Pack

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