The Wild Yum Granulated Maple Sugar


The Wild Yum Granulated Maple Sugar

The Wild Yum™ Granulated Maple Sugar is an all natural, one ingredient, sweetener and healthier alternative to traditional white sugar. Granular maple sugar has been used by bakers for centuries for its consistent baking properties and all natural sweet flavor. Contains only one, all natural ingredient... 100% all natural pure sap from Vermont maple trees.

  • 6.4 oz.
  • Made in Vermont
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Since our establishment in 1920, our family has been mastering the art of maple sugaring. Since 2009, we have started a new mission.  Our focus is now on specialty syrups that bring a sense of community and innovation to the table, literally.

We want to provide the best maple syrup for everyone and to get people thinking about all, new and old, uses for maple syrup. It is our hope that this creates a sense of community and opens up doors for collaboration among family, friends, and co-workers.

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The Wild Yum Granulated Maple Sugar

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