Maine Sea Salt Truffle Salt Refillable Shaker


Maine Sea Salt Truffle Salt Refillable Shaker

If you love Truffle, THIS you will like! The Maine Sea Salt™ Company has taken great care in sourcing the right Truffle, and this is it! Truffle has a strong pungent flavor, and is found in many dishes for its prized aroma. The most popular use is on French Fries. Maine Sea Salt and Truffle has just the right blend, so Enjoy!

  • Fresh Atlantic Sea Salt
  • Sea Water comes from Buck's Harbor, Maine
  • Natural trace minerals from The Atlantic
  • No additives or Iodine added
  • Hand-Harvested
  • Solar Evaporated
  • Unrefined
  • Kosher Certified

* Convenient, refillable 2.8 oz. glass shaker

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Maine Sea Salt Company was started in 1998 by owner Stephen C. Cook. Stephen's family has been in the lobstering businesses on Bailey Island, Maine all of his life. In the 1950's the family opened Cook's Restaurant and Pound, located in Garrison Cove by the largest crib stone bridge in the world. Restaurant patrons would often comment on how the Cook's lobsters, prepared with sea water, tasted so much better than other lobsters.
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Maine Sea Salt Truffle Salt Refillable Shaker

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