White Mountain Pickle Co. Bad Bread & Butter Pickling Kit


White Mountain Pickle Co. Bad Bread & Butter Pickling Kit

The easiest pickling kit in the world is a brilliant "Make-in-the-bag" concept! Using a high quality food-grade bag and spice mixes that are ready when you are. Everything you need except the pickling cucumbers, a cup of vinegar and water is literally in the bag. Once you make your own, you'll never settle for store bought again.

Bread & butter pickles...the very name invokes comfort and a simpler time gone by. You can almost hear Grandma's knife hitting the cutting board with every slice of the cucumber. Problem is, Grandma's got an attitude today and she's turning up the heat! This kit embodies all the flavor of the famous bread & real butter pickling kit with the addition of a tolerable and delicious mountain heat. It uses red and green jalapenos, red flaked chili peppers, cayenne, and red bell peppers to create a deep, intense pepper flavor that's not too hot yet adds a burst of peppery goodness to our already maximumly delicious bread & real butter pickles. Ya see..even Grandma likes to spice it up once in a while.
  • 3.5 oz food-grade bag
  • Directions on back of packaging
  • Ready to use
  • Made in the USA
  • Bag is BPA free
Ingredients: Pure can sugar, sea salt, air dried onion bits, air dried garlic bits, natural butter powder, buttermilk powder, mustard seed, red bell pepper, carrot bits, citric acid, celery seed, assorted spices, turmeric, xanthan gum
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White Mountain Pickle Co. Bad Bread & Butter Pickling Kit

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