Swinging ’73: Baseball’s Wildest Season by Matthew Silverman


Swinging ’73: Baseball’s Wildest Season by Matthew Silverman

Interest and attendance were dropping, and football was ascending. Stuck in a rut, baseball was dying. Then Steinbrenner bought the Yankees, a second-division club with wife-swapping pitchers, leaving the House That Ruth Built not with a slam, but a simper. He vowed not to interfere - before soon changing his mind.

Across town, Tom Seaver led the Mets’ stellar pitching line-up, and iconic outfielder Willie Mays was preparing to say goodbye. For months, the Mets, under Yogi Berra, couldn’t get it right. Meanwhile, the A’s were breaking a ban on facial hair while maverick owner Charlie Finley was fighting to keep them underpaid.

It was one of the most exciting years in the game’s history, the first with the designated hitter and the last before arbitration and free agency. The two World Series opponents went head-to-head above the baby steps of a dynasty that soon dwarfed both league champions. It was a turbulent time for the country and the game, neither of which would ever be the same again.
  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
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ISBN: 9780762780600

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Swinging ’73: Baseball’s Wildest Season by Matthew Silverman

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