down the road a piece by John McDonald


down the road a piece by John McDonald

Islandport Press® initially thought about calling this Get Lost with John McDonald. John wanted to call it just Get Lost! Regardless of the title, John is back, this time offering tips to tourists and trying to help them better "understand" the state of Maine-from its history to its weather to its unique vocabulary.

In down the road a piece, McDonald - also a weekend talk show host in Portland, a newspaper columnist and founder of the Maine Storytellers Festival - provides a colorful version of Maine history, gives his take on Maine destinations that should not be missed, helps interpret Maine-speak, and offers tips on where to shop, what authentic Maine food to eat and much more.

Also great for natives looking to brush up on their home state or just looking to laugh. Hilarious!

ISBN: 0976323133
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down the road a piece

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down the road a piece by John McDonald
down the road a piece

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