Eastern Backyard Birds by James Kavanagh


Eastern Backyard Birds by James Kavanagh

Eastern Backyard Birds: An Introduction to Familiar Urban Species is a handy reference guide for beginners and experts alike.
With helpful tips on how to attract birds to your yard, you'll find this an indispensable guide to identifying a multitude of backyard species.
Part of The Pocket Naturalist® series, each pocket-sized, folding guide highlights up to 150 species and most feature a map highlighting prominent sanctuaries and outstanding natural attractions.
It is laminated for durability. 

  • Paperback, laminated
  • 3 3/4" x 8 1/4" folded
  • 22" x 8 1/4" opened
  • 12 pages
ISBN: 1583550747
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Waterford Press® is the largest publisher of folding pocket-size guides in the industry. Based in Tampa, Florida, they produce 100% of their products within the USA as part of their dedication to supporting those who use their guides. With over 650 titles in print and over 6 million copies sold, Waterford Press® is truly “Putting the World in Your Pocket.”
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Eastern Backyard Birds by James Kavanagh

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