Wilderness Systems Flex-Arm LED Light


Wilderness Systems Flex-Arm LED Light

The Flex-Arm LED Light redefines what a light can do in a kayak! Featuring a 2-foot flexible yet stable plastic arm, the LED light can be precisely aimed anywhere towards the deck as work station lighting, or bent into the water as a fish attractant.

The light also features dim and strobe options. Anodized aluminum casing protects from the elements, and a quick-connect attachment system on both the top and bottom of the flex-arm allows for easy installation into SlideTrax™.

  • Rapid attach system
  • Exceptionally bright 1000 lumens light
  • Adjustable beams of green and white filters
  • Easily powered by battery or directly by USB
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In the mid 80s, Andy Zimmerman and John Sheppard were busy building boats for themselves when they began attracting attention among their paddling buddies. The innovative composite whitewater kayaks were of keen interest to their friends and soon word of mouth turned a handful of boats built for themselves and friends into a budding enterprise. And so began Wilderness Systems®.

Over the next few years, the pair added touring boats and polyethylene recreational kayaks to the line, diversifying to keep pace with the growing sport. The company grew rapidly and in the late 90s, merged with Vermont's legendary Mad River Canoe®.

Today, as a Confluence Watersports® brand, Wilderness Systems continues to keep pace with the sport of kayaking and offers an eclectic line of kayaks specifically geared toward your next water sports adventure.
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Wilderness Systems Flex-Arm LED Light

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