P-Line Shinsei Flurocarbon Leader Material

P-Line Shinsei Flurocarbon Leader Material

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Not all fluorocarbons are created equal.

To produce the perfect fluorocarbon you have to start with the best raw materials attainable, which is the foundation for P-Line's® Shinsei fluorocarbon. By using the purest, cleanest fluorocarbon crystals available they have produced the most invisible fluorocarbon on the market.

After spending a tireless amount of hours in research and development with a team of Japanese engineers they've developed the perfect combination of strength, stretch, and durability. The end result is a product which will absorb shock, while having the attributes needed for tying the perfect leader, or creating the ultimate top-shot.

Whether you're fishing for huge tuna or stealthy steelhead, Shinsei is the ultimate choice for leader material.
  • Reel fill spool
  • 100% pure fluorocarbon
  • Perfect combination of strength, stretch, and durability
  • Shock-absorbing
  • Color: Transparent
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P-Line® was first developed to respond to a great challenge - To provide the best fishing line available.

Introduced into the North American market in 1982, P-Line immediately caught the attention of both freshwater and saltwater anglers. Its copolymer based technology delivered a thin diameter, soft, supple fishing line that brought many advantages into one line. It improved casting distances, gave a more natural presentation to lures and baits and allowed for increased line capacity on reels.

Today, P-Line continues to meet the high standards and expectations of the serious angler. Whether you are a tournament competitor or a weekend enthusiast you can depend on P-Line to demonstrate superior strength, great castability, and abrasion-resistance that is unsurpassed on the water.
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P-Line Shinsei Flurocarbon Leader Material

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8 lb. 27.3 yards (25 m) $9.99 $7.99