Mustad Classic Treble Saltwater Hook - 25 Pk.

Mustad Classic Treble Saltwater Hook - 25 Pk.

A true all-around treble for a great variety of applications, this hook is contruction of premium hi-carbon steel construction for maximum strength.

  • Package of 25
  • Standard shank length
  • Double treble
  • Ringed
  • Bronze coating for discret presentation


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Where and whenever you go fishing there's a good chance that the fish hooks you are using are made by Mustad®. For more than 125 years, Mustad has been known as the world's largest manufacturer of fish hooks.

It all started in 1832, when a steel mill was built in Gjovik, Norway. In 1877, at a time when each and every hook was handmade, Mustad invented the world's first fishhook machine. It fed steel wire at one end and out came hooks from the other end. It was nothing less than a revolution, and it would change the lives of fishermen everywhere.

Today, Mustad has a presence in more than 160 countries and their products cover every discipline of sport and commercial fishing, industrial, as well as traditional fishing.

Mustad - Best selling hook on the planet.
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Mustad Classic Treble Saltwater Hook - 25 Pk.

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