Savage Gear Real Eel Loose Body Saltwater Lure

Savage Gear Real Eel Loose Body Saltwater Lure

The spitting image 3D Reel Eel is designed to swim, with big lively curl tail kicking action, both on steady retrieve and on the drop. This lure will produce the perfect escape pattern, tricking even the most wary predator fish to attack.
  • Two soft bodies
  • Ultra realistic swimming action
  • Superb for an big predator fish
  • One tournament quality wide gape hook
  • Slow sinking
  • Superb for casting and trolling over shallow areas
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Savage Gear® lures are the result of a team of worldwide anglers that approach each day on the water with uncommon ambition and a driving desire to take down the largest predatory fish in the water. The attitude is less about sharing a beautiful day fishing and much more about total domination of a body of water. Logging hundreds of thousands of hours with a fishing rod in hand, their experience is translated into swimbait, crankbait and soft plastic lure actions. The goal is savage strikes, strikes carried out with complete, absolute and total commitment from the fish to kill and eat the lure.

To achieve the goal, Savage Lures eliminated all boundaries within the development of fishing lures. Within the line you'll find reliable and life-like jointed baits, crafted not only for precision balance in their wide swimming action, but also the details of how they glide and stop on the pause.

Savage Gear gives you Lures with Attitude!
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Savage Gear Real Eel Loose Body Saltwater Lure

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Blue Back Pearl
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Length: 12" Weight: 3 oz.
Slow Sinking
Soft bait
Blue Back Pearl Length: 12" Weight: 3 oz. Slow Sinking $7.49