Hogy Tandem Original 10” Pre-Rigged Soft Bait Saltwater Lure


Hogy Tandem Original 10” Pre-Rigged Soft Bait Saltwater Lure

The 10" Tandem rigged lure features Hogy's® reusable Tandem Quick Rig. Its 4x strong hooks are glued in place for superior durability.

This lure is a favorite of saltwater anglers in open water.

  • Ultra-top shelf plastic for industry leading action
  • Slot to accommodate rigging
  • Tandem Quick rig with 130 lb. mono and two Laser Sharp™ L319 4x strong, short shank hooks
  • Ample loop connection for strong crimp
  • Fast taper for a superior tail kick
  • Eye dimple
  • Fish-attracting scale finish
  • Hook size: 7/0
  • Made in USA
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Hogy® Lure Company was founded by Capt. Mike Hogan who designed each product in the field. He's fished all over the country and has developed many products and techniques along the way - all with big fish in mind.

From Capt. Mike - "We started in 2004 when I left my office job in Boston and moved back to Cape Cod in order to get closer to fishing. I began running inshore and offshore charters again, focusing on trophy class fishing. I don't use live or dead bait, so I found myself needing baits for very specific situations to compete with live bait anglers. As a result, I saw a demand for large-style soft baits that mimicked the larger larger baits. I was trying to imitate. I spent many months working on the special blend of soft plastic and finally came up with the current plastic blend that we use today."

Hogy's ultra-top shelf soft plastic provides industry-leading, fish-catching action. The proprietary formula contains no fillers or heat stabilizers that can make other soft plastic lures smelly and brittle. Hogy plastics are soft, tough and excellent swimmers!
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Hogy Tandem Original 10” Pre-Rigged Soft Bait Saltwater Lure

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Bubble Gum
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Length: 10"
Pre-rigged soft bait
Bubble Gum Length: 10" Swimming $6.99