Jack Traps Big Bait Release Clip


Jack Traps Big Bait Release Clip

The Big Bait Release Clip works similar to a downrigger release - just run your line through the clip and it holds your big bait from setting off the trip mechanism. When the fish takes your bait, the line easily releases from the clip, sets off your flag and you're free spooling with no resistance from a drag.

At Jack Traps® they don't believe in having a drag on your ice fishing tip-up; fish will drop the bait more often than not when they feel that resistance on the reel.

  • Less resistance to help catch more fish
  • Make tension adjustments easily with included thumb screw
  • Detailed instuctions for installing on Jack Traps tip-ups included
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Since 1979, Jack Traps® has been striving to build the better ice-fishing trap.
With the cost of bait and new ice-fishing regulations, your equipment performance becomes more important if you are to be successful. How many times have you gone to a flag only to find there's nothing there, not even the bait? At least half of the time this is due to equipment failure. Jack Traps are offered in a variety of styles and sizes. There is one just right for every condition. The same high quality and experience is built into each trap.

Every part of its traps (reel, flag-holder, and end sections) is manufactured from heavy-gauge aluminum. There are at least five tripper-holders on each trap. The 2-coat polyurethane finish is a hard, slick finish which makes ice removal easy. All Jack Traps are assembled using screws, not nails. There are no wind flags. The wood is kiln-dried ash or oak, and is molded especially for Jack Traps.

Jack Traps have been a proven winner for over 25 years.
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Jack Traps Big Bait Release Clip

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