Clam Ice Fishing Chair


Clam Ice Fishing Chair

Blame it on Global Warming. Or perhaps it's because more anglers wear their portable fish house, dressing in Ice Armor®.

Regardless, a lot of folks prefer fishing outside, moving effortlessly from hole to hole and breathing winter's crisp air. Catering to this style of fishing, Clam® introduces the Clam Chair, a versatile ice fishing chair that doubles as a rod case and gear bag.

The brainchild of Dave Genz, the lightweight Clam chair - weighs only 12 pounds - begins as a shoulder-slung soft-pack with a rigid interior framework to protect your rod and reel combos.

Down go two zippers and out pops a comfortable fishing stool with backrest and fish bag for keeping a meal of eaters.

When it's time to move to another hole, simply stick your rod in the easy-access rod scabbard, grab the hand-strap, and move to the next hole.

  • Folding chair converts into gear bag and rod case
  • Padded seat with four contact points / legs for balance
  • Built-in fish bag
  • Stores and protects six rod and reel combos
  • Two easy-access rod and reel scabbards
  • Two long accessory compartments: tip-up length
  • Exterior mesh storage pouch
  • Two medium accessory compartments: tackle boxes and bait
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Flashback to 1980: Dave Genz builds the first Fish Trap® in his garage. Flash forward to 1992: he joins his Fish Trap brand with The Clam®. The two former competitors unite their brands and sell side by side.

2007: With the rapid growth of the ice fishing industry over the past several years, Clam Corporation® quickly becomes the largest manufacturer of ice shelters in North America.

With its numerous fishing shelters, ice fishing outerwear and a complete line of ice fishing gear, Clam has everything you need for your next ice fishing adventure.
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Clam Ice Fishing Chair

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