ION G2 8 Battery-Powered Ice Auger


ION G2 8" Battery-Powered Ice Auger

Get more speed, more power, more holes and less weight with the ION® G2 Ice Auger.

Signifying the next generation of ION ice auger technology, the ION G2 is faster than the competition and 29% lighter. Powered by a 6Ah Gen 2 battery, its single cell protection ensures a long battery life and optimal performance in the cold. The composite polymer bottom allows for the smoothest cut, in the lightest possible package, all with incredible durability. 

  • Lightest power ice auger made to date
  • Full-length, 40" hexagonal stem auger flite, perfect for drilling holes in the thickest ice 
  • Single battery charge produces up to 2000" of drilling power
  • Easily re-drills old holes thanks to aggressive bottom design
  • Reverse button to flush slush back down through hole
  • Plantetary transmission
  • Momentary quick-stop
  • Easy to carry
  • Manufacturer's 3-year limited warranty
  • Weight: 17 lbs.
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ION® is the newest brand of Ardisam® - a manufacturing company located in northwest Wisconsin in the Island City of Cumberland. Well-known for innovative products in the outdoor industry, Ardisam has produced a variety of seasonal sporting goods for the past 50 years - a span of time that has lasted three generations in a family business.

The folks at ION take pride in the fact that they produce quality products and take even more pride in bringing innovations to the market with game-changing products like ION. Not only are they a company of engineers, sales professionals, designers and builders, they're fishermen and hunters who see the weekend as a time to test product - and catch some fish.
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ION G2 8" Battery-Powered Ice Auger

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Brushless electric
17 lbs.
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