Eskimo Auger Quick Release System


Eskimo Auger Quick Release System

The Auger Quick Release System (AQRS) lets you quickly switch between your auger bits without having to unbolt the auger from the powerhead. It's as simple as twisting off the old auger bit and fastening in the new one.
  • Durable steel construction
  • Same steel as Eskimo® Quantum™ auger
  • Switch bits without removing powerhead
  • Eskimo® red powdercoat paint finish
  • No additional tools needed
  • Mounting hardware included

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Eskimo® is a brand of Ardisam®, Inc - a manufacturing company located in northwest Wisconsin in the Island City of Cumberland. Well-known for quality products, Ardisam has produced a variety of seasonal sporting goods for the past 50 years - a span of time that has lasted three generations in a family business.

Eskimo takes pride in making quality ice fishing products. They take even more pride in bringing innovations to the market year-after-year. Not only are they a company of engineers, sales representatives, and office workers, they are fishermen and hunters who see the weekend as a time to test product - and catch some fish!

Ice fishing is a sport that continues to grow, and Eskimo's greatest resource is those who continue to share the experience - and educate others about how much fun you really can have in negative temperatures!
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Eskimo Auger Quick Release System

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