Eskimo 4-Cyle Engine Oil


Eskimo 4-Cyle Engine Oil

Keep your Eskimo® engine running at peak performance with this blend of specially formulated 0W-40 oil, designed for all 4-cycle, air-cooled engines.

This oil holds up out on the ice, providing reliable cold-weather performance and superior wear protection for optimal engine performance.
  • Plastic squeeze bottle
  • Specially formulated for all 4-cycle air-cooled gasoline engines
  • Great cold-weather performance
  • Size: 3.72 fl. oz.
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Eskimo® is a brand of Ardisam®, Inc - a manufacturing company located in northwest Wisconsin in the Island City of Cumberland. Well-known for quality products, Ardisam has produced a variety of seasonal sporting goods for the past 50 years - a span of time that has lasted three generations in a family business.

Eskimo takes pride in making quality ice fishing products. They take even more pride in bringing innovations to the market year-after-year. Not only are they a company of engineers, sales representatives, and office workers, they are fishermen and hunters who see the weekend as a time to test product - and catch some fish!

Ice fishing is a sport that continues to grow, and Eskimo's greatest resource is those who continue to share the experience - and educate others about how much fun you really can have in negative temperatures!
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Eskimo 4-Cyle Engine Oil

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