RediRig SL900 Release Float


RediRig SL900 Release Float

Shark fisherman prefer this float to target mako's, threshers, hammerheads and tigers. It gets, and keeps, your heavy baits in the zones these beasts frequent.

In freshwater, try this float when long-lining for salmon with herring or fish for giant blue or flathead catfish with your favorite bait and be ready for more fights.
  • One float
  • Set baits to any depth and keep them there
  • Attaches in seconds - no breaking, tying or pegging
  • Automatic release
  • Slides along line after fish strikes
  • Bait weight: 4 - 48 oz.
  • Fishing depth: 0 - 1000 ft.
  • Float length: 9"
  • Total length: 11.5"
  • Freshwater use: Blue / flathead catfish
  • Saltwater use: Swordfish, shark
  • Made in USA
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RediRig™ is the maker of revolutionary fishing equipment. Designed with the angler in mind, RediRig has developed products that make fishing more fun by reducing the amount of time you spend fighting to take your tackle off your line while the fish is on. Their patented release system is at the heart of all of the products and has allowed them to develop a wide variety of unique applications featuring their Release Floats™, Planer Floats™ and Instant Downriggers™.

Made for all species of fish, both fresh and saltwater, RediRig is changing the way the modern angler spends their time on the water.

Fight the Fish. Not the Tackle!
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RediRig SL900 Release Float

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White, Neon Red
Foam, rubber, metal
White, Neon Red Foam, rubber, metal 3" $14.99