Zoom Super Salt Plus Trick Worm Lure - 20 Pk.


Zoom Super Salt Plus Trick Worm Lure - 20 Pk.

Fishing a floating worm is a fun and effective way to catch post spawn fish or bass suspended in brush or other cover. The Zoom® Trick Worm works wonders for these fishing conditions.

The bright, clear colors bring savage strikes as the Trick Worms drift and twitch in front of bad-tempered bass. Try them rigged 'straight' or Tex-posed without any weight. Wacky rig them and twitch them quickly with short strokes for a lively looking presentation.

Try them on a Carolina-rig when you want long, swooping slow-fall drifts from your bait. Any way you fish them you're sure to be satisfied with the performance of the Zoom Trick Worm.
  • Package of 20
  • Salt impregnated
  • High-floating design
  • Great in dense vegetation
  • Versatile
  • Stored in FreshLock™ zipper bag
  • Suggested use: Bass
  • Made in USA
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Zoom Bait Company®, a Georgia-based soft plastics manufacturer, has been in business for 33 years, manufacturing and producing some of the best soft plastics on the market.

Zoom - Thirty-plus years later... Bass still love 'em!
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Zoom Super Salt Plus Trick Worm Lure - 20 Pk.

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