Yum Houdini 5” Soft Bait Lure - 10 Pk.


Yum Houdini 5” Soft Bait Lure - 10 Pk.

With one twitch of the rod tip, the Yum® Houdini Shad comes to life with a very erratic swimming action. This soft plastic bait is unique in that you can modify the tail three ways to fit just about any presentation you need.

Full paddle tail = slow fall. Open paddle tail = fast fall. Removing portions to create a traditional V-tail speeds the descent even more.
  • Package of 10
  • Erratic swimming twitch bait
  • Customizable tail action
  • For slow fall, use full paddle tail
  • For fast fall, use open paddle tail
  • Create traditional V-tail for even faster fall
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Yum® soft plastic baits are true fish attractants containing biological and natural fish oils with special ingredients that simulate an injured food source. It also stimulates the aggressive attack instincts of gamefish, helping you catch more fish.

Yum is the highly scientific secret ingredient in all Yum brand soft plastic lures and bottled attractants. It starts a feeding frenzy because it's the only fish attractant with natural shad enzymes plus salt impregnation for even more fish attracting power. And for the things you don't want on your bait or in the water, Yum Hand Balm masks negative odors like gasoline, tobacco, insect repellent, and human skin oils that gamefish can detect.
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Yum Houdini 5” Soft Bait Lure - 10 Pk.

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Pearl White
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