Koppers LiveTarget Bluegill Lipless Rattlebait Lure


Koppers LiveTarget Bluegill Lipless Rattlebait Lure

The LiveTarget® Bluegill lipless rattlebait is an ideal choice when bass, walleye and Northern pike are feeding on sunfish.

The internal mechanics host a mix of alloys (brass, steel and lead) to create a harmonic frequency that attracts hunting gamefish like moths to a flame.

The objective is to cast the lure with the intention to bump it or bang it off structure; adding pauses and twitches when the point of contact occurs.
  • Life-like 3-D vibrating lure
  • Excellent deflection tool designed to recover quickly and trigger strikes
  • Enhanced rattle chamber emits harmonic frequency proven to attract hunting bass
  • Medium sink
  • Variable depth
  • Premium Daiichi® hooks
  • Multi-layered hand painted finish
  • Detailed tip and tech sheet included
  • Hook size: #8 and #6
  • Suggested use: Bass, walleye, northern pike
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Koppers caught his very first gamefish when he was 8-years-old. He had joined his dad and a friend for a morning of casting spoons from a Lake Ontario beachfront. The quarry were brown trout cruising the shoreline, foraging on Emerald Shiners. Being only eight and the only angler to catch a fish that day, one would say that Koppers was officially bitten by the bug. Fueled with a new passion and exploding with energy, he crafted his own lure using an old kitchen spoon that same day.

Fast forward to 1996 when Koppers started a full-time guide business, Sport Fishing Niagara. For 11 years he chartered four-man trips on Lake Ontario for salmon and trout, and three-man trips on the Niagara River for muskie and walleye and Lake Erie for smallmouth bass. As Koppers continued to hone his skills, he found himself challenged by Niagara’s clearing water conditions.

In 2005 a changing environment and Koppers’ passion to take his fishing to yet another level, created a first for the market; the world’s most anatomically accurate line of fishing lures. LiveTarget® was born.

LiveTarget lures are manufactured using the very best raw materials, equipment and processes in today’s industry. Every variable in the production process is carefully considered. From engineering, to sonic welding, to the multi-layered hand painted finishes, LiveTarget has earned its premium reputation.
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Koppers LiveTarget Bluegill Lipless Rattlebait Lure

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