Cotton Cordell Jointed Wally Diver Lure


Cotton Cordell Jointed Wally Diver Lure

Cotton Cordell's® most popular walleye lure, the Wally Diver, has added kick to its step with the introduction of the Jointed Wally Diver.

Like the original, this lure gets down in a hurry and has a tight wiggling action. However, the jointed body adds motion and suggests a crippled baitfish, which triggers strikes even when fish are unwilling to commit to other lures. The Jointed Wally Diver can be cast or trolled effectively, and anglers should not overlook its undeniable appeal to largemouth and smallmouth bass and other gamefish in addition to the walleyes.
  • Wounded baitfish motion
  • Cranking depth: 6 - 8 feet
  • Trolling depth: 11 feet
  • Suggested use: Bass, Walleye
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Even in heavily fished waters, Cotton Cordell® lures still get strikes from monster bass and walleye. Cotton Cordell fishing lures were originally developed for fishing guides who needed something that was easy to fish and was sure to work when all else failed. These popular fishing lures are irresistible to bass, walleye and other big freshwater fish.

Need a deep-diving crankbait to get the job done? The Cotton Cordell Grappler Shad was designed using insight from pro anglers. Doing some walleye fishing? The popular Wally Diver was designed with the profiles, action and colors specifically for walleye fishing. Cotton Cordell works closely with lake and river guides, professional bass fishermen and walleye anglers, and they thoroughly test new ideas to make sure they perform up to their brand promise.

With more than half a century of testing, designing, and manufacturing fishing lures they've learned what the big fish can't resist. If you're serious about bass fishing, walleye fishing or any other fishing, give Cotton Cordell fishing lures a try.
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Cotton Cordell Jointed Wally Diver Lure

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Length: 2-3/4" Weight: 1/4 oz.
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6 - 8 ft.
Hard bait
Perch Length: 2-3/4" Weight: 1/4 oz. Freshwater $6.99